D.I.Y-One Hundred Ideas Jar

Ever just sit around your house, either on your bed or couch not knowing what to do. Well Look no further cause here’s the solution to your ohh so disastrous problem. With this 100 ideas jar you’ll always have something to look forward to doing. Relieving the dreads of boredom.

Here’s what you’ll need:Image result for diys

  • 100 Popsicle sticks (strips of paper if sticks are unavailable)
  • Mason Jar or small bucket
  • Markers
  • Your original thoughts and ideas


Step 1: Lay out your Popsicle sticks or paper.

Step 2: Take your marker and write you amazing ideas onto all the 100 Popsicle sticks or paper.

Step 3: Take the Popsicle sticks and place them into the jar. (If paper you can either fold or place them into the jar or bucket.)

Step 4: If you would like you can decorate the outside of your bucket or jar.

And there it is, you’ll no longer be bored during the long breaks off of school. This easy craft makes a great way of getting out of the house or even completing goals you would rather avoid.



Christmas is just around the corner so why not introduce you to this awesome way to decorate your Christmas tree. These pom pom acorns will be a sure way to make your tree original and authentic.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Pom Poms Image result for christmas easy diys
  • Acorns
  • Hot glue gun
  • String


– First, take a pom pom and hot glue it on to the inner parts of the acorn.

– Rotate the acorn and continue the first step.

– Let glue dry

-Tie string onto the top of the acorn stem and make a not at the top.

And there you go you now have a fun and very inexpensive way of making a new Christmas ornament. You won’t be disappointed with the outcome of your product. Merry Christmas to you all!!!!

D.I.Y – Trendy Pencil Holder

Ever sit at your desk or table and look at your pencil holder and realize how plain or boring it looks. Well here’s the solution to create and customize a trendy new place to store your pencils, pens, etc.

You’ll need:Image result

  • Wooden plank board for a base
  • Any different sized  cylinder shaped jars
  • Hot glue gun/ glue
  • Gold (or any color of your choice) spray paint


  1. First, glue down your cylinders or any other typed jar onto your wooden planked bored.
  2. Let the glue dry
  3. Take your spray paint and spray the whole outside of your creation
  4. Let dry over night

And there you go. You now have an cheap but expensive looking piece of art to store your supplies in. This is also a great way to organize not only your pens and pencils but also a option to storing anything from rings to anything you can think of.

D.I.Y- Popsicle Stick Earring Holder

Have you ever found the perfect earring to go with your outfit? Has this happened to you  but you couldn’t find the other pair. Look no further for a solution. With this new Popsicle stick earring holder you’ll never face this problem again.

You’ll first need:

  • A hot glue gunImage result for popsicle stick earring holder
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paint (any colors)

-First you’ll have to paint you Popsicle sticks the colors you want them to be.

– Once dried, place the Popsicle sticks on the table. Take three Popsicle sticks and glue them to make a triangle. Repeat this step so you have two triangles.

– From there place a stick at the top to connect the triangles at the ends. From there you’ll connect the remaining Popsicle sticks in the middle of the triangles and line them down.

And there you go you now have a very simple and inexpensive way of making a great jewelry holder. This is also a great craft to do with friends and families.Don’t forget it’s also a great use of storage!

D.I.Y- Tin Can Luminaries

       Who’s excited for Halloween? I know I am. Today we’ll be learning how to create a fun and pretty easy to make Halloween essential. These luminaries will light up the night like no other. Not only do they have a beautiful glow, they also feature whatever shape you decide to puncture into it.Image result for tin can luminaries

      You will need:

  1. A sharpie or marker that will show up on the tin can. (preferably the same color as of paint you plan on painting your tin can with)
  2. Empty cans ( make sure to clean them out)
  3. A hammer and large nails. ( small ones also if you plan on decorating)
  4. Paint (any color)
  5. Paint brush
  6. Candles (LED or self lit)


  • First, fill your tin can up with water and put into the freezer.
  • Once the  water is frozen, take it out of the freezer and draw whatever design you would like with your marker.
  • Place your can on a towel or any other surface that will resist the movement of the tin can.
  • Next you will take your hammer and nail and puncture holes into the outlines of your drawn design.
  • After you are satisfied with your design, take the can and run it under hot water to melt the ice. ( Bottom of tin can may expand)
  • Paint your tin can any color you would like.
  • Place your source of light into the candle.

Side note: (If tin can expands take hammer and softly hammer out the bottom)

There you go! You now know how to create a tin can luminaries. These breathtaking sources of light are not only made for the holiday of Halloween. You can make them for any  event. It doesn’t even have to be for a party or holiday. These work for everyday purposes. From that being your luminous way of passage, or for your own enjoyment of gazing, these luminaries are perfect.


Have you ever walked into your bedroom and looked at your nightstand and/or dresser and wondered how boring or plain it looks? Well look no further for the solution to your problem.Making this galaxy in a jar is a perfect way to add a little something extra to any dry space. With this simple D.I.Y you’ll have the perfect combination of fun and glimmer in any room.Image result for galaxy jars

First off you will need these materials:

  • Mason Jar
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glitter (preferably silver)
  • Acrylic paint(different colors)
  • Plastic cups
  • Water


  1. Take your plastic cups and mix in water and the acrylic paint. From there you want to mix both the water and paint until they become conjoined in a  liquid state. (add paint until you get the color you want.)
  2. Open up your mason jar and add in cotton balls. Before you add in the cotton balls you will first want to stretch them out a bit.
  3. Next add in your glitter and anything else you will like to have stand out in your jar.
  4. From there poor in one color of your acrylic water mixed paint. you’ll want to poor little by little to not over flood the cotton. If this happens though don’t worry, simply add in more cotton to the mix.
  5. Now repeat these steps until you are truly satisfied with you galaxy jar.

Now that you’ve learned how to successfully make a galaxy jar you can try to make one for yourself. This sparkling nebula is sure to make your room unique in not only colors but looks as well.


Hello people of the world, my name is Kayla, and welcome to my blog. Here you will find many different and creative ways to create and make different  DIYs. No need to go out and buy and waste all that cash. You’ll be able to find and make all of those things here!  You’ll also find the cheapest and easiest ways to make your  own personal DIYs . Everything you could ever need from room decor,to helpful storage tricks, and even random items you though you would never see. I hope you havImage result for diye fun trying these DIY’s.