Life Lessons Learn’t

I use to believe that arts and crafts were a waste of time and wouldn’t benefit me in any way.  They always seemed like a waste of time in my opinion, anImage result for diyd I would always hate the participating in the crafts at school because not only did it not interest me, I was also very non artistic making me feel insecure on what people would think about my creation.

Until I reached a certain point in my life I started to consider the positive impacts that arts and crafts had. They always seemed to motivate me to finish what I started. It helped me concentrate on certain tasks and to push through when I needed it most.

I then realized that even if I wasn’t artistic or skilled in creating art, it didn’t matter. As long as I was the one that was creating and designing the piece it would be considered art. I shouldn’t have to contemplate how people would view or judge me based upon the things I created.

So now I try to D.I.Y different items and take part in arts and crafts whenever I have free time. They really help me focus my attention and they also act as great pieces to hang or put up in my house. I really encourage you to try and make crafts as recently as you can.




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