D.I.Y-Flower Mirror

Do you have an old mirror just lying around? Or are you just tired of looking at your everyday plain mirror. Well look no further for a way to glam up your mirror.

You’ll need:Check out how to make תמונותa DIY flower decorated mirror @istandarddesign:

  • Mirror
  • Flowers
  • Paint (optional)
  • Glue (Any kind strong enough to hold down flowers)
  • Tape


  1. If your painting your mirror, tape down the outside perimeter of the mirror. Paint or spray paint the color you have chosen down on the wooden or metal frame.
  2. Wait for paint to dry
  3. Lay out flowers around the frame and following that continuously gluing down the flowers.
  4. Polish the mirror

After you complete all these steps, hang your mirror wherever you desire. From that being your bedroom to the walls of your living room, this piece will bring out a majestic side to any living space.


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