D.I.Y- Plant Terrarium

Have you ever wanted to have a plant in your room, but you’re either to lazy to water it or you’re just never home? Well look no further for a solution to your problem. With this plant terrarium you’ll be able to have a cute little cactus by your side.

Supplies:Image result for diy terrarium


First: Set up all your supplies out on the table. From there take your mason jar and pour in your small pebbles or rocks to the bottom of your jar.

Second, take your shovel and scoop some dirt into the jar on top of the pebbles.

From there you want to plant your cactus into the dirt. Add in some sticks or other things of your choice.

And there you have it. You now have your own terrarium. Set your plant in any room you desire. From that being your bedroom to the living room coffee table.


Life Lessons Learn’t

I use to believe that arts and crafts were a waste of time and wouldn’t benefit me in any way.  They always seemed like a waste of time in my opinion, anImage result for diyd I would always hate the participating in the crafts at school because not only did it not interest me, I was also very non artistic making me feel insecure on what people would think about my creation.

Until I reached a certain point in my life I started to consider the positive impacts that arts and crafts had. They always seemed to motivate me to finish what I started. It helped me concentrate on certain tasks and to push through when I needed it most.

I then realized that even if I wasn’t artistic or skilled in creating art, it didn’t matter. As long as I was the one that was creating and designing the piece it would be considered art. I shouldn’t have to contemplate how people would view or judge me based upon the things I created.

So now I try to D.I.Y different items and take part in arts and crafts whenever I have free time. They really help me focus my attention and they also act as great pieces to hang or put up in my house. I really encourage you to try and make crafts as recently as you can.



D.I.Y- Crayon Art

Looking for a simple craft that’ll add color to any room it’s placed in? Well look no further for a solution to your problem. This crayon art isn’t only a fun craft, it’ll help you get rid of any unwanted crayons. It’ll look great in kids rooms and even add artistic details to your living room if you wish.

Supplies:Image result for crayon wax art

  • Hot glue gun
  • crayons of different colors
  • Duct tape
  • A canvas panel
  • Blow Dryer
  • Newspapers


First, take your canvas and using your hot glue gun, glue down your crayons to a desired spot on your board. (Mae sure that the crayons are glued down in a straight line, and know that the wax will fall to the bottom so anything at the top will be dry.

Second, take your duct tape and glue it down in any certain shape you’d like. (This is optional. Whatever shape you duct tape down will be blank when you remove it from the board.

Lastly, Take a blow dryer and slowly blow on the tips of the crayon, keeping your board tilted at an angle to let the wax run down more easily. Once your satisfied with our outcome, let the wax dry. After dried remove the ducat tape and admire your end product.

There you go, you now have your own crayon art. You were able to turn those everyday crayons into a work of art.

D.I.Y- Leaf Art

Looking at your walls throughout your house can be very boring when all of them are bare. but look no further for the solution to your problem. With these simple and affordable items, you’ll be able to make your own piece off art.

Supplies:Image result for leaf spray paint art

  • Spray Paint (color of your choice)
  • Leaves (or a full branch)
  • Canvas board


  1. first take our board and place down your leaves or branch onto the surface.
  2. Next, take your spray paint and spray the whole board thoroughly making sure there are no more white spots.
  3. Then remove the leaves or branch
  4. Leave then board out over night to dry

And there you go. Your new piece will look amazing on your walls. Following these easy steps you can now create a masterpiece of your own.

D.I.Y-Flower Mirror

Do you have an old mirror just lying around? Or are you just tired of looking at your everyday plain mirror. Well look no further for a way to glam up your mirror.

You’ll need:Check out how to make תמונותa DIY flower decorated mirror @istandarddesign:

  • Mirror
  • Flowers
  • Paint (optional)
  • Glue (Any kind strong enough to hold down flowers)
  • Tape


  1. If your painting your mirror, tape down the outside perimeter of the mirror. Paint or spray paint the color you have chosen down on the wooden or metal frame.
  2. Wait for paint to dry
  3. Lay out flowers around the frame and following that continuously gluing down the flowers.
  4. Polish the mirror

After you complete all these steps, hang your mirror wherever you desire. From that being your bedroom to the walls of your living room, this piece will bring out a majestic side to any living space.

D.I.Y- Flower Beanie

Do your ears ever get cold? Or are you just the type of person to go around wearing beanies? Well look no further for a beanie idea that will make you look not only unique, but also add a cute spring/summer look to your everyday outfits.

What you’ll need:Image result for flower beanie diy

  • Beanie
  • Flowers of you liking
  • Hot glue gun and/or sewing supplies


  1. First you’ll need to lay out your flowers the way that you would like them to turn out on your beanie.
  2. You’ll now need to take your hot glue gun and glue the flowers on using the design you’ve made from step one. (If you’re sewing on your flowers it may take more time but continue to follow steps one and two)
  3. Lastly, let your flowers sit and dry to make sure the flowers won’t fall off.

And there you go. You now have a stylish beanie you can wear all year round. In the spring you can take in that flower look and in the winter defy the snow. Your winter version of a flower crown will be a sure outfit changer.


The Importance Of a D.I.Y

Many individuals believe that D.I.Ys are pointless and a waste of time. They mostly have the mindset of going to the store and buying any items they need instead of using their everyday resources to create a much cheaper replica

Image result for diy gone wrong
What people believe will happen

. The outcome of the item is also a major input in why people don’t make D.I.Ys. Some people believe that remaking an item they want will turn out to look cheap or crappy. These people would rather go out and buy the item for full price instead of using their everyday resources throughout their homes.


This seems to happen because people believe that fully priced items are more trustworthy and durable. The cost of an item usually ensures the quality of it as well. People would rather spend more money to make sure that their item works then to create the same item for a way cheaper price that would work the same.

Image result for diy coffee mug compared to mug
D.I.Y coffee mugs 

Believing that their store bought items will also last them longer, people tend to take little interest in D.I.Ys.



However I believe that D.I.Ys are a great way to save money. Not only does it save you a trip to the store it also acts as a great way to create storage. People think that making your own items won’t turn out as great as store bought items.

Image result for saving money
D.I.Ys can save you money

The truth is, you can actually make a D.I.Y look more expensive than an actual store item. It only takes the right amount of time and effort. You’ll also save a lot of money by reusing things from around your house. For example a water bottle could act as a flowerpot.



But I know that people feel strongly against using things that may or may not work. we are all guilty of having the thought of “I don’t know how this is going to turn out and I don’t want to waste my time so I’m not going to try this.”

Image result for hazardous diys
D.I.Ys can be hazardous if the chemicals aren’t mixed right 

On top of that we don’t want to accidentally star a fire or create something toxic that could be dangerous to both you or your surroundings. allergic reactions are also common when making bath bombs or skin care treatments.

Even so I believe that D.I.Ys are an overall great way to have fun. Not only do you have to be basic and have the same design as everyone else around you. You could be unique and try out any different color or design you wish to have.

altered altoids tin with owls pumpkincat210 July 25,2012   (license)


Everything you make is one of a kind and an result of your creativity. D.I.Ys are a great way to give you the artistic ability you’ve been searching for. Not only are they simple to make. They also come into great use throughout your house or anywhere else you’s like to place them.